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Following are the prominent blue collar job profiles our application covers-

Disposal and recycling worker

The undertakings of a recycling worker, include compiling waste materials, dumping them, separating biodegradable and nonbiodegradable components, and processing the recyclable elements.


Air conditioner technician

Repairing dysfunctional ACs, filling or checking gas, repairing broken ACs, and servicing are the main tasks accomplished by an Air conditioner machinist.

Housekeeping profile

Sweeping, mopping, drying, washing clothes, maintaining the given facility/house & managing micro chores are main errands under a housekeeper’s supervision.


Pantry services

Food preparation, serving food, storing, cleaning kitchen and related works are basic tasks under a pantry worker.


Site technician

Providing technical support, troubleshooting, testing, repairing and managing technical equipment are primary tasks of a site technician.


Office boy

Managing and cleaning office workspace, depositing, collecting cheques, files, serving beverages & food to the office team, managing micro tasks of staffers and visitors are important duties of an office boy.


Construction workforce

The tasks of a construction labourer comprise loading and unpacking raw materials, mixing, sprinkling, and dissipating substances such as cement, dressing, and mortar. Unravel all these common blue collar jobs and much more with blujobs application. Download, fill info, get placed; yes, it’s an absolute effortless task.